Lay Leader Blog

The Lay Leader Blog has been set up to communicate more regularly with the Lake County Koinonia community.  When there is a new blog available on the website, a notice with a link will be provided on the Facebook page as well as emailed to the community.

This blog is meant for those who have participated in Koinonia weekends. Therefore, it is password-protected, along with other pages on the site.  This is to ensure that future participants will not stumble upon information before attending a weekend that could keep them from fully experiencing the growth, joy and surprises that make a Koinonia weekend so special.  

Note:  Newsletters will still be produced close to the weekends.  Newsletters are emailed as well as posted on Facebook and this website. (They are also mailed to individuals who do not have email, but we try to keep our postage costs down by going electronic.)

Forgot the password?  Think about the main Koinonia word you are introduced to on the weekend that is repeated over and over.  You know it! Type it in the box below. (No spaces; no caps)