Lay Leader Blog #7 – July 2020

Greetings everyone!

It is with great sadness that I report to you the fact that the Core Board voted at this past core board meeting to cancel the fall weekends as well as the Summer Ultreya. 

After discussions with staff and administration from Highbrook Lodge, they informed us they had made the decision to keep the camp closed for the remainder of the year 2020.  Due to that fact, the board voted to postpone the weekends K-137 and K-138 until next spring.  The dates of those weekends are April 16, 17, and 18, and May 14, 15, and 16 of 2021.  We have begun discussions and negotiation with Highbrook Lodge for the use of the camp for those dates, as well as the fall dates in 2021. The Rectors and teams of the planned weekends, as well as the candidates that had been approved for this fall, will remain for the spring weekends next year. Someone from the board will be contacting the sponsors of any candidates to work out arrangements regarding applications, deposits, etc.   

I also regret to inform the community that the board decided to cancel the summer Ultreya.  Due to concerns related to the pandemic as well as restrictions imposed by the Lake Metro parks regarding the use of the pavilion at Hidden Lakes, it was deemed best that we consider another venue at another time to come together.  A committee will be meeting to plan a worship gathering sometime in the fall, quite possibly on the “holy night” dates and times we would have been gathering during the actual fall weekends.  Once arrangements are finalized a notice will be sent out on the e-mail tree, Facebook post, and website.  The board has decided to table a decision regarding the Christmas Ultreya.  We will evaluate and discuss the possibility of continuing with that gathering at our Core Board meeting in September.

During the remainder of the year, members of the board will be working on various projects.  Some of these include updating the directory, formatting a new kitchen manual, organizing the nominating committee for the 2021 elections, and filing open positions in the community including vacant board positions and the “bag lady” position.  (To clarify that last one, Diane Yowell has felt led to step aside from the roll she has been filling for  30 years now in preparing the Palanca bags, table name banners, and name cards for the tables and bunk areas)  If you have any interest in filling any of these positions or working on any of these projects, please reach out to either Jeff Hickman, our Asst. Lay Leader, or myself.  

Please remember about the prayer and needs program established earlier this spring.  It serves as an opportunity for members of our community to share any specific prayer requests or needs in a confidential manner.  Members of the community may contact Deanna McNutt ( or me ( with such requests.

I also want to continue to encourage you to get involved in a small group if you are not already.  At these times regular grouping is even more important.  As I understand it, many of the community are still not meeting for regular worship.  These weekly groups help to serve each of us in sharing our joys and our struggles with other Christians, as well as provide support to our brothers and sisters.   If you are not in a group, please call our Group Reunion Chair, Sara Lewis, or myself, and we will get you connected.

Finally, I want to share from our Vacation Bible School at Coleridge Day Care this week.  This whole week we have been sharing with the children how “Amazing” our God is.  On one day we shared how Jesus calmed the storm from the boat on the Sea of Galilee.  One of the preschoolers, in a tone of amazement, asked “How did He do that?”  The responses I heard from some of the others:  “He’s God!” and “He’s Amazing!”  Out of the mouths of babes!! 

And I encourage you to read our bible story from today about the blind beggar.  The story can be found in Luke 18:35-43 (also found in Matt 20:29 & Mark 10:46).  As Jesus was walking along the road a crowd was present, and apparently very loud.  A blind beggar in the back called out for Jesus, and even “shouted” when he was told to be quiet by the crowd.  Jesus heard him, called for the man to be brought to him, and asked “What do you want me to do for you?”  In the end, the blind beggar’s eyesight was restored! 

Take home lessons?  Even in the din of this crazy world, cry out to Jesus!  He will hear you!  He calls out to you!  He is asking “What do you want me to do for you?”  And He is able and willing to provide!  He is AMAZING!! 


Dennis Anderson

Lay Leader