Lay Leader Blog #10 – Feb. 2021

Greetings brothers and sisters!  Once again I am writing you to update on details and events within our community.

First, during the elections of officers this past December, the Assistant Lay Leader position was not filled for 2021.  After much prayer and discussion with the Core Board, I have agreed to serve one additional year in the role as Lay Leader, and Jeff Hickman has agreed to serve an additional year as the Assistant Lay Leader. Both of these positions were voted on and approved by the Board.  Please be aware that an opening on the Core Board for the position of Historian remains.  If anyone is interested in filling this position, please call Jeff Hickman or myself.

Jeff has been in contact and discussion with the Sight Center and Highbrook Camp regarding weekends in 2021.  The Sight Center agreed to open camp to our group with some additional cleaning costs and requirements related to the pandemic.  After considerable discussion and debate, the Core Board has voted unanimously to postpone the spring weekends and move forward with the planning of weekends in the fall of this year.  The dates of the fall weekends will be September 17, 18, & 19th and October 15, 16, & 17.  Deadlines for applications for the men’s weekend will be August 20th, sooner than any of us realize!!  So please, start praying and seeking candidates NOW!!

Prior to the weekends, we will have committees actively involved in reviewing weekend details, looking for possible opportunities to adjust the weekend details to meet our new reality (i.e., regular cleaning throughout the weekend, food preparation, meal service, etc.)  We are also forming a committee to promote community events prior to the fall to rekindle interest in the community, not only for our current family, but potential candidates for the weekends as well.  Look for further dates and information in the very near future. 

Visit our Koinonia of Lake County website and you will read in the “welcome”,

Lake County Koinonia is a group of people who love Christ and want to see others strengthen their relationship with Christ through three key components:

One of those three components is the Koinonia weekend, and as excited as we are about the regular weekends resuming, we need to remember that the weekends are just one of the components of Koinonia.  Outside of our individual Church homes, which should be our first priority in our faith walk and discipleship, we as Koinonians are called to be devoted to our group reunions and participation in the community’s Ultreyas.  Do you recall these talks from your weekend?

 Are you involved in a small group?  If not, please call me and I will see you are connected with our Group Reunion Chair or someone else who can help you hook up with a group. When was the last time your spiritual battery was recharged by attending one of our community gatherings? Would you like to experience that again?  Watch for the upcoming events.  We are very excited about gathering once again and doing just that!

Once again, I encourage anyone who has interest in serving or has suggestions for this time of preparation, please contact Jeff or myself.  Until we do gather, I pray God Bless you and yours!


In Christ’s Service

Dennis Anderson

Lay Leader