Lay Leader Blog #9 – Update on Christmas Ultreya and Board Positions

Greetings brothers and sisters!  This note is to update the community regarding our scheduled Christmas Ultreya and the current slate of new Core Board Officers for the year 2021 that will be presented for a vote at the Ultreya.

First, the board has decided at this time to continue forward with the Christmas Ultreya scheduled on December 5th.  Efforts are being made to provide the opportunity for those uncomfortable with in person attendance to join us via a Facebook Live Stream.  The Core Board did vote that, should Lake County reach a Level 4 on the State’s COVID Alert System, the Ultreya will be held in a virtual format only.  We will provide updates and notifications as fast as we can under these crazy times. 

The nominating committee has been in prayer and hard at work in filling the open Core Board positions for 2021.  As of this time, the nominations to be presented for a vote at the Ultreya are as follows:

  • Asst. Lay Leader under prayer at this time.
  • Spiritual Director under prayer at this time
  • Member at Large- Paul Lagania
  • Kitchen Coordinator- Mike Adam
  • Ultreya Chair- Tracy Montgomery
  • Weekend Chair- Brian Johnson
  • Palanca Chair- Katie Niemczura
  • Newsletter Coordinator- Justin Guarnerra
  • E-mail Coordinator (filling the unexpired term through 2021)- Kim Aikey

Please be aware that nominations will be accepted up until the business meeting at the Ultreya.  If anyone intends to nominate a person for a position on Core Board they must have that person’s permission prior to the nomination.

I pray everyone may have a blessed Thanksgiving, and would remind all of us of 1 Thessalonians 5:18.  These are very trying and difficult times, but we are called to “give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. 

God is good…..all the time: All the time….God is good!  Amen


In Christ’s Service

Dennis Anderson

Lay Leader